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Content Strategy.

Let's craft and refine your story.


Hey there!

I'm Rachel – editor, writer, and your partner in all things content strategy.

If you're a creative, author, or small business owner looking to stand out with perfectly crafted copy, I'm your girl.

Real talk: I'm just a small-town farmer with a knack for words and a belief that we all have a story to tell. I am a hat person, think really good food does wonders for the soul, and that there's something magical about having the right people in the room to make a story come to life. Sometimes that means adding some well-placed commas; sometimes that means reimagining the overall message you're telling.

Wherever you're at, your brand or project is worthy of being seen in the best light, having the most genuine connections, and shining with next-level copy.

Are you ready to own your story and truly stand out in your space?

Let's see what we can create!


My Services

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The need for good editing spans every industry and is essential for putting out quality content for your audience. 


Content Strategy

What people are saying...

"Highly recommend Rachel for any editorial needs! She goes above and beyond!"

Rebecca G. / Owner, Southern'spirations

"I didn't think fairy godmothers existed, but trust me, they do. Mercer Editorial Services took all my jobs, projects, clients, and past work and transformed it into a beautiful website that's easy to navigate and makes me look like I have my life in order. She even snuck in a photo of Gus!...If you're in need of any editing, copywriting services or just someone to help you get your life in order, she's your girl!"

Lauryn H. / Journalist

"Working with Rachel was great. Not only did she proofread and edit my work, but she also wrote useful feedback with comments and explanations."

Amit L. / Social Media Marketing Manager 

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