Meet Rachel
Copywriter, Copy Editor, Content Strategist

Welcome! I want to start by saying "howdy" or, er, "hello" to all you non-southerners.

I'm Rachel, and I'm the Owner and CEO of Mercer Editorial Services. However, I'm also a farm owner, dog mom, collaborator, and detail-loving introvert who enjoys a good book or theatrical production.

Around here, I specialize in helping you own your story, stand out in your space, and present next-level copy. My purpose is to partner with you on the editing or writing journey, be your hype-girl when you need it, and dive into the nitty-gritty parts of the story you are telling.

I've worked with creative brands, small businesses, a marketing agency, and theaters, so my book of work and knowledge are diverse. Not only that, but I understand what it's like to be a business owner and an entrepreneur and how important it is to have a brilliant storytelling arc that connects you with your audience.


You've worked hard to create your brand; I work hard to enhance what you've created.

My "home office" is wherever I can bring a laptop, and I'd rather spend most of my days outside on our farm than inside of an office. If we end up on a call together, chances are you'll hear a rooster in the background. (#farmlife) 

You'll also come to know that I firmly believe in community over competition, and I'm always happy to share my "tricks of the trade" with fellow entrepreneurs! In fact, my much requested "Freelancer's Guide" is coming soon! (I can't wait to share even more insider's secrets.) 

I'd love to hear your story and more about what you're looking to create.